Make the best from Crypto World

Want to make the best from the world of volatile cryptocurrency ? Cointree is the best investment opportunity.

Listed in Exchanges

We are listed in probit and others to offer you best and safe trading opportunity.

Great Future

Started with few cents, the asset is sky rocketing as thousands of services started integrating it.

Blockchain Based

Track everything in as the asset is based on tron blockchain. Its open to anyone.

Get Report

Being on public blockchain, you can find every piece of information easily before investing.

Coin Tree - CTREE

A TRC-10 asset developed on Tron Blockchain which is available at :

  • 100% Transparent

    Nature of Blockchain technology is transparency.

  • Know before invest

    Get every Record at before investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Coin Tree or CTREE is a TRC-10 token developed on Tron Blockchain.

You can Buy or Sell Coin Tree at or

Definitely Coin Tree is a good investment. However cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, hence you should not invest all of your life savings in a crypto asset.

Being system token on tron blockchain, TRC-10 comsumes very minimum to 0 Gas or Network Fee. Hence you can transfer TRC-10 token anywhere without spending anything special.

Now it's time to switch old ways to invest and invest smarter

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